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Virtual Dispensary

For established patients, we offer a virtual dispensary where you may buy safe, high-quality, professional grade herbs and supplements.  Our patients receive a 10% discount off the retail price.  When you register, you will be able to access your personalized prescription, if applicable.  If you need assistance with registration or placing your order, please call 1-855-WELLEVATE.  The support team is also available via email and live chat. If you have any questions regarding your prescription, please call our office at 603.924.3400.  To access the online dispensary, please click here.



Julie recommends cleansing the body 1-2 times a year, in order to reset digestion and promote a high functioning immune system.  From time to time, she offers guided group cleanses in the spring or fall, for people who wish to receive more support.  She also offers support to current patients who wish to cleanse on their own.  Julie recommends the Colorado Cleanse; a 14 day Ayurvedic digestive detox and lymph cleanse, which can be adapted based on diet, lifestyle, and specific  health needs.   This cleanse is based on ancient Indian science, developed by a doctor, and is very safe and effective.  Please always be sure to check the contraindicated conditions before you cleanse.  To purchase the Colorado Cleanse, please click here.


Wellness Kits and Probiotics

For patients who have been on long-term antibiotics, and/or have chronic issues with digestion and elimination, Julie often recommends the Wellness Kit; a 4 step regimen of probiotics to reset the digestive flora, (also known as the microbiome.)  During your consultation, Julie will help you to determine whether a wellness kit is right for you, or whether taking a single probiotic would be sufficient.  To purchase a Wellness Kit or single probiotic, please click here.


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