Herbal Medicine

Through our virtual dispensary at Emerson Ecologics, you may buy safe, high-quality, professional grade herbs and supplements. Our patients receive personalized prescriptions and recommendations, at a 10% discount off the retail price.  An herbal prescription from Jewel is required in order to purchase herbs. If you need assistance with ordering, please call the support team at 1-855-WELLEVATE, or you may contact them via email and live chat.  To access the virtual dispensary, please click here.


Nutritional Support

For daily nutritional support, Jewel recommends Purium‘s product line. They offer three lifestyle programs which utilize organic superfoods to infuse the body with the super high quality nutrition:

The Daily Core 3 increases energy, lowers stress, improves sleep, and promotes mental clarity.

The Athlete Plan is used for muscle building, improving endurance, and promoting recovery.

The 10- Day Transformation supports weight loss, resets the metabolism, and helps to break food addictions.

Purium also carries a variety high quality organic nutritional supplements, and offers substantial discounts for members. To visit Purium’s website, please click here. When you’re ready to purchase products, Jewel will supply you with a referral code.  She recommends consulting with Purium’s in-house naturopathic doctor Michael, to help you select products based on your health goals and needs. This is especially important if you are currently taking any medications.



For most patients, Jewel recommends cleansing and detoxing the body 1-2 times a year for optimal vitality and health.  She recommends either Purium’s 10-Day Transformation Cleanse (see above), or the 14-Day Colorado Cleanse. The Colorado Cleanse is based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, and was designed by a doctor to gently detox the digestive system and cleanse the lymph. The principle diet is kitchari (mung beans and rice), fortified by herbs, spices, and ghee (clarified butter). It is flexible and adaptable to suit different body types and nutritional requirements.  The developer of this cleanse, Dr. John Douillard, is also available for personal consults if you have specific digestive concerns or dietary needs. To learn more or purchase the Colorado Cleanse, please click here.



For patients who have been on long-term antibiotics, and/or have chronic digestive issues, often the “good” bacteria in the gut becomes depleted, which leaves the body more vulnerable to illness.  The Probiotic Wellness Kit is a 4 step regimen to repair the gut and repopulate it with healthy bacteria, thereby strengthening the digestion as well as the immune system.  During your consultation, Jewel will help you to determine whether a Probiotic Wellness Kit is right for you. To purchase a wellness kit, please click here.


Amethyst Crystal Biomat

Did you know that viruses cannot survive long in an environment of infrared light? Originally developed by NASA, the Amythest Crystal Biomat is a FDA licensed medical device, which utilizes far-infrared rays, negative ion therapy, and amethyst crystals, to deliver targeted pain relief, accelerate cellular renewal, and eliminate toxins, fatigue, and stress.  It is infused with Nature’s radiant qualities of full body purification, energetic re-balancing, and unconditional love.  The Amethyst Crystal Biomat is a wonderful adjunct to acupuncture, and may be used daily or even slept on at night, to support healing on all levels.   Note that there are some contraindications and cautions for use, which are listed on the website.  Please click here to check it out!

Lifewave Phototherapy

Experience the healing and restorative balance of acupuncture with the simplicity of a patch! Lifewave patches are safe, non-transdermal, and contain no medicine or cream. They contain crystals that are activated by the warmth of your body.  Jewel personally uses the X39, Silent Nights, and Alavida patches everyday, and they make a big difference in her vitality and quality of life. Choose your patch based your health goals like Vitality, Activity, Sleep, Movement, Skincare, and General Wellness.  The only contraindications for use are persons with organ transplants or who are currently undergoing chemotherapy.  To learn more, please click here. If you would like to become a member and get wholesale pricing, Jewel can hook you up!


Essential Oils

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils, and produces the purest, highest quality, and highest vibrational essential oils on the planet.  They also carry an assortment of organic, non-toxic products for your body and home. To learn more about this incredible company and to order their products, click the link below.  Please note that there are some contraindications for essential oils, especially for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.  Be sure to read all cautions carefully before purchasing. To visit the store, please click here.


Inner Work/Spiritual Growth

For those looking for deeper healing, the Oneness Movement is a direct and powerful path to awakening, self realization, and enlightenment.  Founded by Enlightened Avatars, Oneness has two branches for different types of people; the first is more focused on personal effort and meditation, the second is more focused on Divine grace. Links with more information for each pathway are offered below. Feel free to ask Jewel about either of these paths, as she is well versed in both of them.

Oneness Ekam

Oneness Golden Age Movement

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