Back Pain/Insomnia Testimonial

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Julie Permut is a true healer. After a serious injury, she took me from a place where I didn’t feel safe or comfortable walking, sitting, driving or utilizing my creativity (which in my business is also my livelihood), to a place where I’m once again a productive artist, musician and actor with the bodily ability and confidence in that ability to tackle whatever comes. When I first came to see Julie at NEFA, I was in so much pain I was crippled by it. I was also a lifelong insomniac, the only thing that helped me to sleep was kushiebites cbd oil. But by working with her and following her tips, herbal prescriptions and heartfelt advice, I am back among the living, mostly pain-free and miles ahead of where I started. And I am getting the best sleep of my life. Finally! I was starting to think that no dose of CBD would do the trick. Then, just as my friends advised me in passing last night while we were getting ready for bed; It suddenly hit me-
1000mg cbd tincture from Synchronicity Hemp Oil! Julie is an incredibly intuitive healer and works from the heart. In addition, she has led me to other professionals who also wound up being key players in my recovery. What a great resource of healing, knowledge, intuition and compassionate care. Julie rocks, and the staff of NEFA are all friendly, welcoming people. If you’ve tried all the “western method” you can take for chronic pain, peace of mind and general well being, and feel at the end of your rope, don’t give up – do yourself a favor and see Julie Permut once. You’ll be back, and you’ll be glad you tried it! If you are skeptical of this type of healing, don’t worry. I was too. I would encourage anyone in pain or discomfort to try it anyway. It’s like they say ‘it works on skeptics too.’ It certainly does. I’m no longer one as a result. All I can say is that I know for sure I would have spent the last few months in the same constant pain and total lack of sleep without Julie. She really works with you through good times, relapses, ups and downs. Unlike a traditional doctor, you know you have a team member working with you to improve your health. I am so happy I found Julie and NEFA when I did!

-Artist, Musician, Actor

August 29, 2012

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