Distance Treatments Work!

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I’ve been an acupuncture patient of Julie’s for many years. The distant treatment was an effective and welcome substitute during these times of social distancing. It helped a lot! I felt the energy start moving right away. The usual tingles and twitches of acupuncture were there, but maybe more energy flow than usual in terms of flushing or pulling the bad stuff out. I look forward to receiving her healing in person again soon, but am definitely sold on distant healing as an option!
– Speech Therapist

We met over video chat. Julie checked my tongue and had me report on tender places on my abdomen. We identified a half dozen or so. Then off-line I laid down for the treatment. During the treatment I felt the left side of my body relax and my hands tingle. I almost fell asleep. Afterwards, Jewel connected again by video chat, we rechecked the spots that were tender and only one remained. She made on final adjustment, and the tenderness was gone. I had not known what to expect prior to this and have been pleased by the ease and immediate effectiveness of this remote treatment. I look forward to next week’s appointment!
– High School Teacher

October 9, 2020

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