Injured Deltoid

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At the beginning of a very active vacation I injured my deltoid. I experienced light pain while the arm was still and intense pain while the arm was in movement. I could not do the simplest of tasks like taking off my shirt, flipping an egg, or reaching for the pepper without wincing. One can imagine that engaging in summer activities like kayaking and swimming would be even more unbearable. Upon my return I contacted Julie to treat the injury. I was amazed at Julie’s ability to recover the majority of my range of motion in just one treatment- cpr toronto. She used a combination of techniques and they worked wonders. She recommended a second treatment to ensure that the deltoid and surrounding muscles stayed on the path to recovery. After only four days since the first treatment I have been able to comfortably return to my everyday activities and engage in more physical activities as well.

-Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher

October 17, 2013

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