Chronic Migraines

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I began suffering from chronic migraine headaches more than 15 years ago. In the 4-6 months before beginning acupuncture, I experienced daily head pain (and/or pressure) and other symptoms like sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells; dizziness; nausea; an overall “foggy” brain, etc. Communicating was a real challenge. I had difficulty finding the right words to use. (In my line of work that is not good.) My sleep pattern was also disrupted. I would fall asleep fairly easily, but would wake many times throughout the night. Sometimes I would wake for a few minutes, while other times I would wake for a few hours. As a result, I was doing the bare minimum to get through each day.

Finding little success with the western medicine treatments suggested by my physician, I turned to acupuncture. What did I have to lose? By chance, I found Julie Permut. I met with her and discussed my specific medical history and my headache problem. I received my first acupuncture treatment that very day. After five consecutive weekly treatments, in addition to the herbal supplement taken each day, I had finally found some real relief from my chronic headaches. There are still days when I experience some symptoms; however, those symptoms are not as severe as they once were and occur with much less frequency! I have been able to sleep through the night, function at a much higher level throughout the workday and still have the energy to enjoy time with family and friends. I am even catching up on all the chores that were left undone due to my illness.

I have found Julie to be gentle, compassionate, and comforting. She has a quiet confidence that put me at ease very quickly. She listens to my concerns and how I feel from week to week and adjusts my treatments as necessary. She is wonderful!

To those who are interested in trying regenerative treatment, have a peek at this web-site–don’t wait any longer! There is no reason to suffer. I was leery of beginning this type of treatment myself. It is not something I knew much about and I do not like needles. I was also fearful that the treatments would be very uncomfortable. For me, this has not proven to be true. I find the atmosphere quiet, soothing, and relaxing.

Thanks, Julie, for helping me return to the land of the living!

September 5, 2012

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