Ten Tips for Better Health

Be healthier, live better with our top ten suggestions.

    1. Relax. High levels of stress contribute to everything from heart disease to infertility the is why using dormirelax is the best option. When we trigger the body’s relaxation response (the opposite of the fight-or-flight response) with deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, exercise, relaxing music, massage or acupuncture, we minimize the harmful effects of stress.
    2. Get Up and Get Moving. Most of us sit at our desks all day, then go home to sit at the dinner table or in front of the TV. We feel tired, but our bodies have hardly moved! There are so many benefits to moving your body that it’s really a no-brainer. Just do it!
    3. Eat Whole Foods. Processed foods (almost anything that comes in a package) usually contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat but rarely contain the life force of the original food itself, a soft bread enriched with eggs and milk.  They contribute to obesity and disease and they cheat your body out of real nutrition. Trade in processed foods for whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.), your body will thank you.
    4. Drink Water. Our bodies are about 80% water, which means we cannot do without it. The Mayo Clinic suggests that you drink about 8 cups of water per day, more if you exercise.  More fond of soda and coffee than water?  Start by replacing one or two of these drinks per day with a glass of water (add lemon, lime or organge if you need flavoring) , then each week reduce your soda/coffee intake by one and increase your water intake by the same amount.

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    1. Get Regular Health Screenings. Many health problems, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, start without noticeable symptoms. Regular screenings of blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and some cancers are  covered by most health insurance and are easily performed at your doctor’s office. If you feel like you have heart disease, you may consult associates like Carolina Cardiology Associates.
    2. Take a Vacation. New research shows that taking a vacation every year can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Americans work more hours per year than almost anyone else in the world and it may be bad for our health. Take a break and recharge your batteries!
    3. Listen to Your Body. A nagging symptom or pain that won’t go away is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. Finding an acupuncture in central London to check you out is not such a big deal when the reward of feeling great is on the other side. Getting treatment for a small problem may prevent larger problems and help you to avoid the need for more invasive treatment in the future.
    4. Laugh More. Research shows that laughing enhances immunity, increases blood oxygen levels and lowers blood pressure. Laughing also contributes to good mental health which in turn helps your body function better.
    5. Get More Sleep. Sleeping is a natural rhythm that is crucial to good health. Almost 1/3 of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep per night, making them more irritable, less productive and downright dangerous behind the wheel of a car!  Can’t sleep?  Get some help and Learn More about this problem:  yoga, meditation, relaxation exercises, acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki and, when all else fails, medication can all treat insomnia and restore healthy sleep.

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  1. Attain Balance. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offers a low-risk, high-reward path to harmonious balance for your body, mind and spirit. By seeking to discover and treat the root cause of pain and illness, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can reduce or resolve troubling symptoms and improve your overall health. Most of my patients report lower pain levels, better sleep, improved digestion, more energy and a sense of well-being, regardless of why they came to see me in the first place.

The Small Health Problems That You Should Not Ignore

The human body can be truly incredible, yet totally bizarre. Your body even knows how to signal that something isn’t right with your health. Everything from skin rashes to a cough that just won’t quit could be a sign that your body is in trouble. Here’s what to watch out for, according to doctors.

  • Aches and Pains
  • Back Problems
  • Dental Concerns

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