Traumatic Back Injury Testimonial

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5 or so years ago I suffered traumatic injury to the majority of my mid section. I had a spinal injury, and multiple surgeries, and the pain was at its worst though my hip and back. Through the years the pain has been at times, unbearable. I had been through years of physical therapy which ultimately got me on my feet, but the pain was still there. I had tried massage but the results were not what I was hoping for. About 8 weeks ago I came to the realization that the pain I had been dealing with was getting worse, and it was keeping me away from many activities for the simple reason that I knew how difficult it would be to recover. I was at the end of my rope. I had always heard about acupuncture but never believed in it. A friend of mine referred me to Julie Permut at New England Family Acupuncture, so I decided to make an appointment. That was the single best decision I have made since the injury. After the second session I started noticing times that I was usually in serious pain, but was not. Over the next few weeks I became more comfortable in everyday tasks, more comfortable standing, sitting, laying in bed, and probably most important, walking. I don’t remember a time when I could walk across a room or up some stairs without struggle to fight back the pain until now. My quality of life has improved immeasurably, and I have Julie to thank.


August 29, 2012

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