Acupuncture on CBS – Can Acupuncture Work for You?

Check out this clip from CBS News about acupuncture! Acupuncture is rarely shown realistically on television and acupuncturists are rarely interviewed about what we do every day. Feel free to post a comment here if you have questions about what you see or call me at 603-924-6624.

Does acupuncture works for pain ? I’m already in so much pain, will the needles hurt?

This is a common question!  Acupuncture does not have to hurt you to provide relief.  You may feel a slight pinprick when the needle is inserted and then you may feel heaviness, tingling, warmth or pressure at the needle once it is in place.  Most people feel deeply relaxed during an acupuncture treatment and many actually fall asleep!

How many treatments will I need to feel better?

Since everyone responds to acupuncture a little bit differently, when and how much pain relief you feel is difficult to predict:  some leave my office pain-free after the first acupuncture visit but most notice small improvements with each visit. To the ones that don’t feel a difference, I recommend them some pain-relieving products from Nature and Bloom UK, to which, they are glad to concur. Occasionally, acupuncture treatment is unsuccessful in relieving pain-in that case we talk about why that might be and what other kinds of treatments we would recommend for you, for any type of surgery is possible to use this treatment, even with a korean eye surgery which the acupuncture will help you relax and take your anxiety away.

Will acupuncture cure my pain?

In some cases, acupuncture may provide a cure.  Usually this happens when the pain is caused by a recent injury to soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, bursa, etc.).  In cases of chronic pain, we use acupuncture as a pain management tool, the goal being to reduce your pain levels by 50% or more.  Once we see how well acupuncture works for you, then it will be clear how frequently you’ll need treatment for long-term pain management.



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