May 10, 2017


Julie is a caring and dedicated healer and a huge asset to this world. I am thankful for her care and for all she has done for me.


November 20, 2015

Compassionate Care

I am so grateful for your presence in my life at this critical juncture. You are much more than an acupuncturist. Acupuncture is your medium but you are a healing artist and I thank you for your offerings.

I felt especially grateful last night as I was leaving and noted the time. You offered me an extra-long session at the end of your long day. I think you sensed I needed it and you offered that freely. Thank you.

July 24, 2015

Breast Cancer

On August 26,2014 I was diagnosed with stage III Triple Negative and Inflammatory breast cancer at 39 years old. Due to the aggressive nature of the two types of BC I was diagnosed with, I was started on an intense regime of 4 different chemotherapies starting August 29, 2014. The weeks after the first dose of chemo were quite possibly the most sick I have ever felt in my life. Luckily I was very healthy to start, because I believe it could have been much much worse. My sister had recently begun to see an Acupuncturist and found that this was helping her a great deal. The Acupuncturist from Connecticut suggested Julie Permut to help with my severe side effects. Though they did not know each other, the Acupuncturist felt Julie’s credentials were the best in the area. A bonus was that Julie practiced 2 minutes from my front door in Peterborough NH! Since I was receiving treatment at Dana Farber in Boston, this was a welcome stroke of luck. I first saw Julie about 2 weeks into treatment. Just before my very long dark curly hair started coming out in large tufts in my hands. I was weak, shaky, nauseous, lethargic and completely terrified of what lay ahead. I wish I could say I was one of those people who tell you, “well I’ve had a good life so…. or I am going to kick cancer’s butt!!!.” But that wasn’t me. I knew what I had and what the statistics told me about my chances of survival, and I was completely utterly terrified.

Biweekly treatments of Acupuncture helped alleviated so many of the side effects of the Adriamycin/Cytoxan/Taxol and Carboplatinum, like nausea, sweet metal taste in my mouth, constipation, stomach pain, mouth sores, bone/joint pain, insomnia, memory loss, hot flashes, light-headedness, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, trouble concentrating, lethargy, neutropenia and anemia. The fear and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. Again Acupuncture helped alleviate my stress, fear and anxiety. I also was given IM injections of Neulasta and Neupogen post chemo to try and keep my white blood counts high enough to receive more chemo. These shots caused extremely intense bone pain, and worked at first but then not as well as time went on. I had to skip 2 doses of chemo due to low WBC’s. Julie performed WBC treatments to help to raise my counts, and the oncologists at Dana Farber were amazed when my WBC’s rebounded so quickly. There is nothing the oncologist can give you to keep up your red blood counts, and I required 4 blood transfusions, but I would have needed much more blood without Julie’s RBC treatments. Julie also helped me with my diet, giving me great suggestions about how to eat the best way to slow cancer growth. There were days when I couldn’t walk the 2 feet to my bathroom without assistance, and when laying my head on the pillow was too painful. On these days Julie fit me into her schedule for emergency appointments, and basically brought me back to life. I cannot stress just how sick I was. Many of my practitioners told me they had never see a person react so severely to chemotherapy, and I am so thankful that I had Julie to help with all the side effects.

During the 9 months of chemo, surgery and radiation, which included an epic winter, my sessions with Julie kept me healthy. When my husband and I went on a plane in the middle of treatment, Julie’s treatments helped me to not get sick. When my husband came down with a stomach virus and then a cold, Julie’s treatment were why I did not get sick too. It made no sense that I wouldn’t get sick because my WBC’s were so low, I had absolutely no immunity. But, I never once got sick during treatment. Not once. I attribute that Julie and the Acupuncture treatments.

Julie also performed specific BC Acupuncture treatments on me. All cancer patients hope for Pathological Complete Response (pCR) at the time of surgery. This significantly increases your chances of survival. My oncologist told me this would never happen for me as “there was too much cancer to start with.” Well I can’t say exactly why, but at the time of surgery in February 2015, I was declared NED (no evidence of disease) and had achieved pCR. I finished by 6 weeks of daily radiation in May 2015. I was told I had one of the worst BC diagnoses a person can have without being told they are stage IV, but had had the best response to treatment any cancer patient could ever hope for.

I highly recommend Julie Permut and am a testament to how well Acupuncture works.

Thank you Julie, you are an amazing healer and I’m so grateful to have found you <3



I have been seeing Julie Permut, at New England Family Acupuncture in Peterborough NH for six weeks. I am amazed at what it has already done for me in such as short while. When I first came in I was complaining of sciatic nerve pain in my left leg and foot. And I also had breathing difficulty with sinuses. The first treatment was great and Julie spent a lot of time with me and was very thorough in getting to know me and my issues. I was hooked. I immediately noticed a big improvement after just one treatment. I look forward to each session and find that I am continually feeling better each time. So far Julie has treated my sciatica, breathing, lower back pain and a very swollen and painful knee. The treatments are very effective. She has also helped me deal with and resolve many issues from my past that have been affecting my ability to function in the present.

But Julie is more than an acupuncturist. I would describe her as a total healer. She is teaching me how the body, mind and heart all have a role to play in our overall health and how one can help or hurt the other. At the start of each session she checks in with you to see how you are doing. She offers advice, encouragement and most important she provides understanding about what you are dealing with. I feel like I am participating in my own healing. i look forward to this time with Julie as much as the treatments. Julie is phenomenal in that she is so calm and caring. She is very knowledgeable in holistic healing and spiritual aspects of our human existence. I call her my healing angel and I have grown very fond of her and what she is doing for others.

The acupuncture treatments are very pleasant and there is no pain from the needles. On the contrary, I feel the needles to be soothing and stress relieving. And combined with other aspects Chinese medicine and spiritual healing it is very effective at treating the whole person. I have found it has improved my whole outlook and how I am interacting with everything around me. Thanks Julie for all that you do.


February 18, 2015

Results Have Been Sublime

I’ve long known of the 6000 years Acupuncture has been successfully
practiced in Asia. Along with human healing, Acupuncture has been a
proven pain reliever in animals. I don’t know why it took me so long to
seek this form of relief – from the years of joint pain in my hip and
knees – but it did.

Finally, in the Fall of 2014, I sought and found treatment with Dr.
Julie Permut. The results have been sublime. Eschewing surgery, I
wanted a non-invasive solution to an increasingly painful problem – and
Julie has given me this. Her needless are truly painless. Her office
atmosphere, her gentle manner, her keen observations and wise
perspectives are consistently reassuring. I now move so much more
easily. I am more comfortable and pain free than I’ve been in years. I
am endlessly grateful to her and her profession.


January 29, 2015

A Warm Embrace

Julie and Abby at New England Family Acupuncture make me feel welcome and comfortable each and every time I visit. I look thoroughly forward to my treatments. It’s an essential component of my self-care. Acupuncture is the perfect complimentary treatment in my path to healing. I’ve never felt physically or emotionally better in my life. Coming to the tranquil, dimly lit office for treatments is like a warm embrace.


October 17, 2013

Injured Deltoid

At the beginning of a very active vacation I injured my deltoid. I experienced light pain while the arm was still and intense pain while the arm was in movement. I could not do the simplest of tasks like taking off my shirt, flipping an egg, or reaching for the pepper without wincing. One can imagine that engaging in summer activities like kayaking and swimming would be even more unbearable. Upon my return I contacted Julie to treat the injury. I was amazed at Julie’s ability to recover the majority of my range of motion in just one treatment. She used a combination of techniques and they worked wonders. She recommended a second treatment to ensure that the deltoid and surrounding muscles stayed on the path to recovery. After only four days since the first treatment I have been able to comfortably return to my everyday activities and engage in more physical activities as well.

-Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Traveling by Air with Nausea, Vertigo, and Anxiety

It is with much gratitude that I write this testimonial on behalf of Julie Permut’s intuition and skills in the field of acupuncture. I truly enjoy traveling to places near and far. However, because I experience light vertigo and intense nausea while flying the idea of going to those distant places causes great anxiety for me as I know what is to come when I buckle up and prepare for that ascension into the clouds. I decided to seek acupuncture as a means to alleviate the nausea, vertigo, and flight anxiety. After assessing my situation holistically, Julie created a treatment plan to address all three of the issues that had impeded my ability to fully experience the joy in traveling. Since undergoing treatment with Julie, I have traveled by plane without any symptoms. Her treatment was gentle and had no side effects, unlike the multiple standard western medicine treatments that I had attempted prior to seeking Julie’s services. I owe Julie more than I can express as she has supported my ability to travel with pleasure.

-Yoga Teacher

February 1, 2013

Childhood Restless Leg

My twelve year old son had been experiencing a funny sensation in his leg for many years, believed to be Restless Leg Syndrome. The only thing that would bring relief was for him to constantly move it. Needless to say, he jumped around often, exhibiting hyperactive behaviors, and sleep was difficult for him. I decided to try acupuncture, and he felt relief in his leg after just the first session. He also experienced a more general calm state and more restful sleep. He continued with acupuncture treatments, and now is completely healed. He is a believer in acupuncture, and so am I. Thank you.


January 21, 2013

Acupuncture has worked!

After several months of unrelenting and undiagnosed chest wall and upper abdominal pain along with accompanying fatigue, I began a course of acupuncture treatments through New England Family Acupuncture.  After the 2nd treatment I began to feel my energy return and the pain begin to subside.  I have now had 3 weekly treatments and feel I am making my way back to my far more healthy self.  I will continue with my treatments until I have fully resumed my busy, very active lifestyle.  When other, traditional diagnoses, explanations, and treatments failed, acupuncture has worked!

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